Technology for a connected experience.

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Our name pays homage to the 17th century Frankish tongue of 'lingua franca': a common language which revolutionised trading by enabling communication between traders from across the world.

Our technology enables people, devices and complex systems to interact seamlessly, bringing the spirit of lingua franca to light for the connected workforce of the 21st century.


Workforce enablement modules built on our Connected Workforce Platform.

SERIA modules leverage Cisco Unified Communications and real-time location services (RTLS) to deliver tangible results in the four key challenges facing today's workforce: awareness, visibility, action and control.

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A SERIA-powered solution for workforce safety.

It could be an aggressive patient in a mental health environment; a potential assailant in an office building; a gas leak on a hydrofracturing site; or a chemical spill in a fertiliser factory. DURESSAWARE helps ensure the response is immediate, coordinated, in accordance with established processes and auditable after-the-fact.

At work, everyone should feel safe and be safe.

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A SERIA-powered solution for enterprise task management.

From the simplest task to the most complex workflow, activity across the modern responsive workforce is driven by events and actions. TASKAWARE eliminates reliance on memory-based tasks and provides valuable decision support for the efficient allocation of resources, succeeding where automated task management has historically failed: seamless, real-time interaction with the workforce.

Because productivity is key to a sustainable workforce.

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Connected Workforce Platform, meet the cloud.

Dynamic service orchestration. Delegated administration. Federated 'soft-fail' architecture. Service catalogue integration. Public & private cloud support.

Watch this space...

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